Frequent questions


Can you send me your photograph or a day-time picture?

Sorry for disappointing you, but I have to say NO. There are many reasons for which I will not send you the pictures. Having provided you with my photos, I am no longer able to control its further use or disposal, so I consider it as a direct violation of my safety and privacy.

Are your photos real?

All my photographs are GENUINE and RECENT. They last have been taken just a few months ago and perfectly represent my personality. I assure you that during our meeting you will see the woman shown on the picture. Anyway, my photos do not do me justice, the reality is much more fascinating...

Can you give me a discount?

If you are concerned about the lowest possible prices, then I am surely not Lady for you and I am surely not your choice.

How far in advance can I schedule an appointment?

Please try to do it as early as possible (an ideal time is 24 hours prior to the meeting). I enjoy my practice and I like to prepare myself both physically and mentally for our appointment. I consider serious and respectful inquiries only that will be treated with the highest precaution, so you can be sure that on that day I will have the date only with you.

Last chance of booking, how long before?

If I'm in your town you can try to call me or write a sms 2 hours before the appointment as soon as possible, I'll write or call you, please be patient, I am not always free and I can react immediately. If I have time for your desired term, I like to meet you the same day.

Is your bust right?

Yes, my bust is completely natural

Can you provide me with a list of your services?

Most of them are written in the service section. I intentionally refrain from listing all the BDSM practices. I will be glad to answer any questions by e-mail or directly by phone.

Do you have Taboos?

Yes! Blood sports, dirty games. The pain caused to me.There are reasons why I am not doing COM. I do not do a service that would lead to the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. All safe only. Securely for me and safely for you. 

What is your level of discretion?

Your privacy is a matter of primary importance. Discretion is an integral part of our experience. As a professional, I appreciate my personal privacy and always make a distinction between my special appointments and personal life. I respect my clients and I expect the same courtesy. Whatever happens between us stays between us.

How should we deal with the financial matters?

You have to prepare your donation at the beginning of our meeting and put it on the desk. In case of a date in the public place, my suggestion is to provide me with your donation in an envelope put in the gift bag, magazine or newspaper in order to avoid inquisitive glances. Usually it will be understood within the first 10 minutes whether there is a contact between us or not. If I do not feel that spending time together would be beneficial to either of us, I will politely explain the situation and leave you with the donation untouched.

Cancellation Policy

I kindly request for you to have respect and consideration of my time if you must cancel our appointment. If canceling is necessary please notify me no less than 24 hrs in advance. I understand that emergencies arise so if you need to cancel the same day I require a 50% deposit to reschedule or to cover for my inconvenience.

Do you travel?

As most of you know, I love to travel! Travel that is booked in advance by gentleman that I am already familiar with is preferred. If we have never met but you would still like for me to join you for an extended period of time I need 2 weeks notice. All travel bookings require a 100% deposit. Bookings in Zurich longer than 12 hours a deposit of 50% of my fee is required (personally, via a bank transfer) in order for me to keep the dates in my schedule free for you.